Drunken Strawberries

Who doesn’t enjoy a chocolate dipped strawberry?  And sure anyone can buy those, but why not spice it up for a little Valentine’s fun! Here is a quick and easy way to have a little fun with very little effort!

Supplies:photo 2 (18)

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Your favorite dipping chocolate (Chocolate chips, candy melts or Dolci frutta)
  • Bottle of Vodka (I have tried whipped cream and chocolate flavored vodka as the flavors take a little out of the alcohol bite.)



  1. First, rinse and clean your strawberries. I leave the stems on for easier dipping and I like the splash of green with the rich red and chocolate color.
    photo (18)
  2. Place strawberries in an airtight container and fill with vodka until the strawberries are submerged.
    photo 1 (20)
  3. Then place container in the fridge and let soak. I recommend letting soak for a full 24 hours but in a pinch you can certainly do less time.
  4. I then placed a large bowl underneath my strainer to catch my now strawberry infused leftover vodka for later use — wink, wink.
  5. Follow the directions on your chocolate melts of choice. Regardless of brand, I highly recommend patting dry your strawberries as the melted chocolate tends to clump when too moist.
  6. After dipping, let set on a piece of wax paper for easy pick-up. It only takes a minute or two. (Sure, some of you overachievers can decorate like cute little tuxedos or drizzle with red and white chocolate but it is a lot harder than it looks and they end up tasting the same!)photo 1 (19)
  7. I like to refrigerate mine until being ready to gift. Once ready, I packaged mine in these cute little festive take-out containers.
    photo (19)
  8. Sit back and enjoy the ooh’s and aah’s from your Valentine!

Music: Kings and Queens of the Underground by Billy Idol.

Drink: Vodka — duh! Someone has to sample to ensure they are tasty and strawberries count as fruit 😉





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