Drunken Strawberries

Who doesn't enjoy a chocolate dipped strawberry?  And sure anyone can buy those, but why not spice it up for a little Valentine's fun! Here is a quick and easy way to have a little fun with very little effort! Supplies: Fresh Strawberries Your favorite dipping chocolate (Chocolate chips, candy melts or Dolci frutta) Bottle of Vodka (I have tried whipped cream and chocolate flavored vodka as the flavors take a little out of the alcohol bite.)   Instructions: First, rinse … [Read more...]

Bacon Flavored Vodka

Hello world, I'm going to make my first post quick and simple. It makes a great "guy gift", and takes very little effort. (Sweeeeeet!) Today, we're making BACON VODKA! Let's get to it: Supplies Needed: 1lb bacon 1 liter cheap vodka 1 qt jar Fun packaging How to: Cook up your bacon via your preferred method. (I like the oven) Let it cool, and cut the slices you didn't eat in half ( you know you ate some, and so did everyone else that came through the kitchen, it's … [Read more...]