When we started thinking about Lo’s upcoming 5th birthday, she was still talking about meeting all her princess friends from our first ever trip to Disney World earlier that year. Out of all the princesses – even Frozen! – she was still talking about Rapunzel. So off I went into planning the BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER! I always kick off the party planning process with invitation research and my favorite place to do that is on There was no shortage of Tangled inspired invitations. The modern … [Read more...]

Mickey Monday – Monsters University Birthday Party!

I say Monsters, you say Party! Our family can't get enough Disney, and birthday parties are a fun way to bring some of the Disney magic to life for our kids. I should start off saying this wasn't your typical 1st birthday party of grown-ups ooo-ing and aww-ing over the birthday toddler. We did have a gaggle of children and adults to entertain. Most of the kids in attendance were over the age of 4  so we decided to make it fun for all with a little Monsters University Orientation  including … [Read more...]

Mickey Monday! Matching shirts and why you should wear them.

I'm just going to say that, unless you are playing a team sport or flipping burgers, matching shirts are a no no. I don't like kids in them, I don't like couples who wear them, and you can disagree with me all you like, that's you...we can still be friends. But for me? No. UNLESS, you are going to Disney, and here's why: Visibility: Your little anklebiters and the "adults" in your party will be easier to spot in the crowds Safety: Let's say, god forbid, you get separated from your kid. … [Read more...]

Mickey Monday! It’s time to decorate your Magic Bands!

The Magic Bands are here! The Magic Bands are here! But PLAIN Magic Bands? Oh no no no, this will not do. So we had everyone over, and between all 22 of us, we decorated the bananas out of those babies. Wanna know how? (Yes. Yes you do) First, and most important, you need to clean your band with alcohol. Do NOT skip this step. Your stuff will not stick properly if your band isn't clean. Now there are two ways to do this, you can fire up your Silhouette, and make some decals using this … [Read more...]

Kissing Mickey & Minnie Shoes-See also customizing your Chucks, and vinyl layering

It's Mickey Monday again! So, you ever make something, and it turns out JUST how you envisioned it in your head, and you're all, "I AM A GOLDEN GODDESS OF CRAFTINESS JUST BOW BEFORE ME AND WEEP THAT YOU ARE NOT ME!!!"......or is that just me? No? ok, then where was I? Oh, so yeah, we're headed to The Most Magical Place On Earth very, very soon. Since the average person clocks 6-12 miles a day there, I figured Imma need some comfy shoes....enter my perfectly broken in signature footwear...Chucks. … [Read more...]

That’s MY ride!-Disney Stroller ID cards

It's Mickey Monday people! So, maybe you aren't bringing 22 people, and four strollers to Disney World, maybe you're just bringing one... either way, you're going to want to have some way to set your stroller apart from the bazillion other strollers at The Happiest Place on Earth. Here's a little inspiration for you. I made these by grabbing some images off the ol' internet, tracing them in my Silhouette software, and then layering cardstock. I made them sturdy by giving them a few passes … [Read more...]

Disney Money Savings Jar & The Wet Method of Vinyl Application

  So, let this serve as your first and only warning: I am currently Disney Crazed. A year ago, my parents let us know that they would be taking the entire family (all 22 of us) to Disney World to celebrate their 40th anniversary. I immediately fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole (Pinhole) that is all things Disney...I may have a slight addiction....Departure Day is fast approaching, and I am in full on, balls out, no shame Disney Mode...with the arrival of the Silhouette Cameo, I am also in Put … [Read more...]