Mickey Monday – Monsters University Birthday Party!

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I say Monsters, you say Party!
Our family can’t get enough Disney, and birthday parties are a fun way to bring some of the Disney magic to life for our kids. I should start off saying this wasn’t your typical 1st birthday party of grown-ups ooo-ing and aww-ing over the birthday toddler. We did have a gaggle of children and adults to entertain. Most of the kids in attendance were over the age of 4  so we decided to make it fun for all with a little Monsters University Orientation  including classes in Scaring, Anthropology (scavenger hunt), Geometry (Puzzles) and Physical Education (Races.)  And as you all may remember, I pride myself on the inexpensive way to bring some of these ideas to life so I thought I would share a few things.

A couple weeks in advance of the party, we mailed out acceptance letters to each of the prospective students for their invitation — nothing screams university living like the official acceptance letter!  To create these, I downloaded the Monsters University logo and created my own letterhead and printable stickers.

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Then it was time to get started on the curriculum and party decor.   A dollar store white tablecloth made for a great welcome to school banner and some dollar store trinkets helped make sure our new students/guests had their school supplies for the orientation kits.  The Saving Dollars an Sense website helped provide templates for the ID cards and materials. Each student received a school ID, a Monsters University drawstring backpack, Monsters Inc water bottle, pencil and a folder with school schedule, map, and puzzle. Welcome MU Class of ’15!

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My personal favorite was Scaring Class 1o1 with Professor Gramps. He worked them through several techniques featured in both of the Monsters movies and the kids had a blast screaming, growling and yelling.

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Of course we still needed to focus on the little birthday man too! He enjoyed his cupcakes, opening his presents, cuddling with Monsters Inc stuffies, and a good long nap!

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Listening to: Ariana Grande, My Everything

Drinking: Old School Whiskey Sour — They aren’t just for weddings it helps that creativity keep a flowing don’t you know!





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