That’s MY ride!-Disney Stroller ID cards


It’s Mickey Monday people! So, maybe you aren’t bringing 22 people, and four strollers to Disney World, maybe you’re just bringing one… either way, you’re going to want to have some way to set your stroller apart from the bazillion other strollers at The Happiest Place on Earth. Here’s a little inspiration for you. I made these by grabbing some images off the ol’ internet, tracing them in my Silhouette software, and then layering cardstock. I made them sturdy by giving them a few passes through a laminating machine. I think they’re kinda adorable….hope you do too. I used the sketch pens to write the last name and phone number of the owners on the back in case one of the rides gets lost. (and it just occurred to me that this? is a scrapbooking type project. Congrats, Mmmpop, you have lured me to The Dark Side.) Here are some pics of my son’s sign “in action”


hey, do you know a baby? Get them an O ball! Babies love O balls.

hey, do you know a baby? Get them an O ball! Babies love O balls.

And just because I’m showing off the ride, I should also show you what I did to the wheels…just cause…


Alright, I’m off to research ideas for decorating Magic Bands, because OURS JUST CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!!

Listening to: Uptown Funk-Mark Ronson (hot damn)

Drinking: looooots of coffee (The Boy is cutting two uppers and keeping me up at night)


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