Kissing Mickey & Minnie Shoes-See also customizing your Chucks, and vinyl layering


It’s Mickey Monday again! So, you ever make something, and it turns out JUST how you envisioned it in your head, and you’re all, “I AM A GOLDEN GODDESS OF CRAFTINESS JUST BOW BEFORE ME AND WEEP THAT YOU ARE NOT ME!!!”……or is that just me? No? ok, then where was I? Oh, so yeah, we’re headed to The Most Magical Place On Earth very, very soon. Since the average person clocks 6-12 miles a day there, I figured Imma need some comfy shoes….enter my perfectly broken in signature footwear…Chucks. But no, just plain old chucks won’t do!

shoes2  I simply MUST ahem, pardon the cuss,…Disney the shit outta them.

I followed this great tutorial on vinyl layering of teeny tiny pieces. These babies are only an inch and a half tall. (NOT 2 inches….ask me how I know)

The nice thing about the little projects is that you can eyeball the alignment. That is, if you didn’t go blind weeding them.

Anyway, here are a few more pics for you to squee over…I’ll be prancing around the house making myself pigeon toed until we leave for Disney.

shoes1 shoes3shoes4

Listening to: The World’s Greatest-R Kelly

Drinking: a celebratory beer-Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing

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