Winter Birthday Treats

The Christmas break birthday is both a blessing and a curse for us parents. While the kids have mixed feelings about the return to school tomorrow, the fun of getting to bring their birthday treats did make tonight's back to school preparations a bit more fun. A couple days ago, we started talking about what they wanted to bring to share with the classroom and one thing was clear... they are my children! I believe the conversation went something like this: Me: I have this idea for some fun … [Read more...]

Capturing Memories – One Handprint at a Time

I found these adorable giant wood looking snowflake ornaments on sale a year ago at Michael's and just had to have them! Of course like most crafters I have the addiction of buying all kinds of stuff and really no plan for it. But I certainly couldn't walk past them and not buy them! So after holding onto them for a year I finally figured out what I was going to do with them!  My babies are growing up too fast so therefore I decided I needed to forever capture their handprints. I have tons … [Read more...]

Kid Craft: Time Capsule Ornaments

As each year passes and my children get older, I am constantly reminded that it goes by FAST.   The school years bring less and less artwork and stories to remind me of each child at that age. Schedules are mandates rather than maybes and the days whiz by with screeching tires in different sports’ parking lots with sandwiches and apple slices (or fast food-let’s be honest) are hucked from row to row. I wanted to capture a glimpse of my kids each year for the Christmas tree to remind me of who … [Read more...]

Being Thankful…

As we approach Thanksgiving and the launch of the Christmas holiday season, it is far too easy to get caught up in the preparation hustle and bustle and forget what made these holidays so special to us as kids. The real meaning of the Holiday can easily be lost when we focus on all the work instead of why we are gathering together. Think back to your childhood Thanksgiving memories, remember how we were thankful just to be out of school, at home with our families while we counted down the … [Read more...]