R.I.P Olaf — A Christmas Break Kid Craft

No, this isn't an anti-Frozen post, but who doesn't love to build a snowman.  The challenge here in Chicago is we haven't really had any real snow. So, I decided we could certainly at least celebrate with melted snowmen! I saw this clever idea for a melted snowman ornament on Pinterest and of course had to give it a try first at home and then as a room parent at school. It's quick and easy with very little clean-up! Do you want to build a snowman, a melted snowman that … [Read more...]

Kid Craft: Hungry Bookmarks

Looking for a fun way to adorn the gift of a book? Or maybe you are looking for a fun craft to do with the kids? The corner bookmark is the answer! The possibilities are endless on how to decorate them and you already have all the supplies you need at home. Supplies Needed: Cardstock paper of any color or pattern. Scissors Glue Stick or paper adhesive of your choice (Optional) any art supplies your little ones enjoy working with like, crayons, googly eyes, glitter, markers, … [Read more...]

Kid Craft: Time Capsule Ornaments

As each year passes and my children get older, I am constantly reminded that it goes by FAST.   The school years bring less and less artwork and stories to remind me of each child at that age. Schedules are mandates rather than maybes and the days whiz by with screeching tires in different sports’ parking lots with sandwiches and apple slices (or fast food-let’s be honest) are hucked from row to row. I wanted to capture a glimpse of my kids each year for the Christmas tree to remind me of who … [Read more...]