Craft Closet: Turning the Reality into the Dream

So I have this guilty pleasure (one of many, in fact). I LOVE to leaf through design magazines, HOUZZ and Pinterest and dream of the day I have that blissful space that is just mine all mine. In fact, I set out to do that very thing when we remodeled our basement in our cozy but SMALL 100 year old city house – which brings you to my Craft/Office/Closet – the Cloffice!photo 3

We had a 5 x 7 ft walk in “room” or closet built into the plan and I had the amazing Teri from Closet Works  come in and optimize the heck out of it with drawers, shelves, cabinets. Then I had to go about doing the hard work of fitting a 20 x 20 junk room of creative and office supplies into my 5 x 7 space.

So, in the past year I’ve made a little progress in turning it into the crafty, scrapbooking, creative space I dreamt about but not near enough.

A little pressure never hurts to get projects done so I’ll be posting for the next several weeks as I transform this craziness into a space where I can feel great about doing other fun creative projects without feeling 2

So, stay tuned for my weekly post on the Cloffice transformation and be sure to comment with recommendations and ideas. You can see, I can use all the help I can get!


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