You Say Tomato…..

photo 2 (39)If you are a tomato fan like I am, you know there is nothing better than a homegrown tomato!  Not only in gardening but also in country music — wink wink! (Learn more about Saladgate here as this post is actually focused on gardening but I couldn’t help myself!)

This is the year… this is the year I will be a successful gardener, or at least that is what I am telling myself. Every summer, just around 4th of July, I whine about how I should have taken time to plant some tomatoes and veggies. I figure it’s time to break the cycle and just do it!

First, I should share that I am not blessed with a large yard. The postage stamp of a yard I do have, coupled with 3 rowdy children and a dog really doesn’t add up to the perfect gardening environment. So this left me with two options: community plot or container gardening.

I contemplated renting a neighborhood plot. Each weekend I see those communal gardeners enjoying each other’s company while getting their hands dirty. However, I also know myself and my limitations. While I am very excited for those fresh tomatoes … I also know there will be days that I won’t feel like carving out time to travel to a plot between my kid chauffeur routes. It will be much easier to walk out my own door to water and garden. (Or at least that is what I have convinced myself!)

That really leaves container gardening , so naturally I started a Pinterest search for inspiration. After reviewing quite a few raised beds, container arrangements and vertical gardening options I settled on the idea of a hybrid raised bed/vertical garden approach. Lucky for me I also have a very handy Hubby who was on board with my plan. Here was my pinspiration from the and then my sketch for my Hubby’s Honey Do List!

pinspiration photo 1 (40)

As you can see from my amateur sketch, we decided to build a base so that I could include larger tomato plants and leave some of the smaller items to the window box style containers. The structure was built using Cedar, as it is not only affordable but also chemical free for our eatables. Not to mention, it weathers so nicely. While my husband was hard at work building the structure I got back to being crafty and created some custom garden signs using outdoor vinyl.

photo 2 (37) photo 2 (38)

Now that I have put this all out here, I am hoping it will keep me honest and focused working towards a successful first garden!  We have planted 4 varieties of tomatoes, 3 types of hot peppers, hula berries, mint and green onion.

I will be sure to share some updates throughout the summer and hopefully some yummy fruits and veggies too!  If you have any secret tips that will help ensure our newbie gardening success please don’t hesitate to send them to me!

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