Pinspirations, Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Party Planning, DIY, Life Hacks, Pinterest  and the Cocktailing Social Chair!

“Crafting comes before housework, here and in the dictionary. As it should.”

A love of paper, paper, and more paper easily captures MmmPop’s attention and all her storage space.  After decades as a closet crafter she was successful in converting more than one friend into the so-called crafting lifestyle.  As the crafting circle grew, the idea of this crafting community was born and so was her very own craft room!

MmmPop, also known as Michelle ,was formerly a devoted Cricut crafter, and is now a Silhouette beginner with a never-ending list of ideas and projects to tackle. When not working in her full-time marketing  consulting  position, MmmPop is a mom to three 8 year olds, (Yes, Triplets!)  who do their best to fill any and all spare time she finds but this busy lifestyle helps inspire so many fun projects and party ideas!  When not crafting she can be found at kids events, coddling her food-whore tendencies, indulging her dream of a rockstar life at rock concerts, or singing wrong lyrics to her husband’s favorite songs.

Pop Facts

  • Considers herself a musical mutt, appreciating all genres, but harbors a true love of 80’s rock music most notably Billy Idol
  • Has a serious NACHOS addiction. Mmm…Mmmm Good. Margaritas anyone?
  • Nicknamed “Scrappy” even before coming out of the scrapbooking closet
  • Loves a mix-tape/CD/playlist and agrees “The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem – High Fidelity”
  • Has been called “Julie McCoy” more than once, as she is not happy if there isn’t at least one fun outing on the calendar
  • Daydreams of a rockstar alter ego with teased out hair, cheetah print guitar and an amazing rockstar voice — watch out P!nk.

Be sure to visit and follow MmmPop’s Pinterest Page or her blog posts to see what she has been up to or plans to do next!