My Least Favorite Day of School….

Aside from the LAST day of school (honesty IS the best policy), my least favorite day of school is the dreaded 100th DAY of SCHOOL celebration.


Having five kids means I’ve been through about a gajillion classroom celebrations, and I flinch when I even hear the number 100.

I finally got smart and solved the problem of “MOM! I need 100 of _____ today for school” at 8:03 in the morning.  I created a rainbow shirt of 100 buttons to pull out in such crisis situations.


  • White T-shirt
  • Hot glue
  • Buttons lying around the house

I simply hot glued 100 buttons to the shirt in groups of 10.  I placed some cardboard between the shirt layers so it would not stick together.  And in about 10 minutes, I had my saving grace:

photo (12)


Music: That’s Country Music – Brad Paisley on Spotify

Drinks: Nothing fun in this Mom’s sippy cup during this project. Just a desire for something to take that edge off once I got the kids to bed 😉

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