Kick, Splash, Go — Teen Titans Kiddie Pool Kickball!

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It’s Birthday party time for our kids and I couldn’t say no when they all requested a game of Kiddie Pool Kickball!   For those not yet familiar, you essentially set up a kickball field using kiddie pools for bases and slip and slides for the base paths.

The game was fun for all. The younger kids enjoyed every aspect from wanting to beat the so-called “grown-ups” to sliding, splashing and watching the hilarity as folks misjudged bases, slipped and fell. I think the grandparents had the most fun not only as spectators but in taking their turn at bat with designated runners. I must add that our family fun also provided a reason for a few cars to slow down and enjoy some of the action.

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To complement our competitive kickball theme we choose a Teen Titans Go theme. Each of my children picked their favorite characters for inspiration.  If you are familiar with the Teen Titans,  you may know there really isn’t much in the stores so it was the perfect excuse for this mom to get a little crafty!

With the party activities taking place mostly outdoors I had to think a little larger in scale. I decided to use plastic tablecloths to cover the windows. I then cut black and white poster board to shape character eyes and dressed up the sides with some encouragement – Kick, Splash, Go!

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Here in Chicago we can’t seem to beat the heat so with the day forecasted in the high 90’s we decided to keep the food inside so the indoor decorations were a little easier. (I know… just show me more pictures already!)

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I created the Teen Titans characters and the Teen Titans Go logo with my Silhouette Trace feature and some images I grabbed from google search. If you are interested, I am happy to share my files just reach out!  I selfishly admit, I feel in love with the beastboy bucket I used for chips. It started with a $1 bucket from Party City and I simply added the character facial features. I did run out of time on a few of my desired projects so I took advantage of some affordable graphic design work already completed by others. I benefitted from the help of some talented Etsy shop owners and their digital file printables.   My popcorn treat printables came from Chalice Tee,  the favor box tags and added window decorations from NonkiiDesigns, and the Teen Titan favor box design from J. At your Service. All were great to work with and provided speedy delivery.

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Party guests of all ages were busy, engaged and having fun! But most importantly everyone was WIPED OUT. I view it as a success 😉

Drinking:  Ah, hem… yes! The adults had to do something not to feel their sore muscles!

Listening: WIPEOUT….. just kidding!


  1. says

    Love this! I am currently planning a Teen Titans Go 6th birthday for my son! I have come up w/ and created some things on my own- However, I am having trouble finding face features to use, and I would LOVE to re-create your beast boy and Robin snack buckets! I have already found identical or near identical buckets at my local Dollar Tree. I would be so grateful if you would share your files w/ me!

    • says

      THANKS! Please do let me know which files you are looking for?
      Some of the files are Silhouette Design files that will require the Silhouette DEsign Studio software.

  2. Nicole says

    I love how your party came out. I’m about to start planning my daughter’s Teen titans go 5th birthday party and I would love your files it woyld make my searching a lot easier. Thanks so much,

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