Easy Lunchbox Napkins: with or without a serger

IMG_3817Back to school this year is just about as late as it can be-September 8th! This year, my daughter is in first grade, and since she eats about 4 things, I pack her lunches for her. I decided to go green ( and cheap) and use some scrap fabric to make her some lunchbox size napkins. I’ll show you two ways to do it. ( with and without a serger)

The first, fastest way:


Step 1: Cut out some 7″ squares of quilters cotton fabric. (You can make these the same on both sides, or mix it up a little.


Step two: Pin the squares wrong sides together.


Step 3: Serge around all four sides.


Step 5: Hit the corners with some seam sealant.

IMG_3726Step 6: clip all your loose threads.

IMG_3727Step 7: Press with the iron to set the seams, and you’re done!

Ok, so you don’t have a serger, you can do this easily with your regular sewing machine too. Here’s how:

Step 1 is the same.


Step 2: Pin your fabric right sides together. (See that place where I put the double pins? That’s how I tell myself to stop sewing)

IMG_3730Step3: Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, start in the middle of one side, back tack, then sew around all four sides, but leave a 3″ opening on the side you started on.


Step 4: Press to set the seams, and press open the unsewn part.

IMG_3733Then flip over and realize that, DARRGH!, you sewed it wrong side to right side! Balls!!!!


Step 5: Grab a whole new set of squares, sew them properly, then trim the corners like so.

IMG_3735Step 6:Then turn right side out, and turn out the corners.


Step 7: Press.

IMG_3737Step 8: Topstitch all the way around. (This closes the opening)

IMG_3738Step 9: Press again, and you’re done!

IMG_3816See? Pretty! and Eco-friendly! and fast! Wheeeee!

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