From Target $1 Aisle to My Monthly Mantels

So I walk into Target and I go straight to the dollar bins. Is it really even possible to by pass these???? Brilliant on their part!!

They had these adorable Halloween burlap banners with white, black, and orange dots. I loved them so much, I had to buy two!  And at only a $1 each, it’s a win. I off course had no idea what I was gonna do with the second banner since I only have one fireplace and mantel, but “not knowing” doesn’t usually slow me down.

I hung the banner for Halloween and loved my $1 treasure. I was already sad to see to see it go as I took it down on November 1st. It was just so cute on my mantel and now it seemed so bare. With Thanksgiving around the corner and knowing that I don’t have a banner to hang, I thought back to that  extra Halloween banner.  As I realized how the fall Halloween and Thanksgiving colors are so similar, and… well it was an  Ah-Haaaah Moment!

So I pull the banner out along with my trusty acrylics.  I proceed to paint over the black dots with a maroon color.  I must admit, this was more of a tedious process than I anticipated! The burlap was just soaking up the paint, so it took several layers and I had to paint circles directly on top of the polka dots. I do not have the most steady hand either but as the color set, my banner became Thanksgiving.

photo 1 (7)

Once the paint finally dried, I added lettering.  I simply picked a font from my cricut and circuited out :Thankful.” I affixed the letters right to the burlap and it was done!

Hope you enjoyed my simple, but tedious upcycled $1 banner.



Music: Sky Full of Stars was the perfect song to see me through the layers of maroon paint.

Drinks: A large Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice coffee. 

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