Dress up those “Gift Cards”…

It is the most wonderful time of the year…for everyone but the people who make it happen!

That’s right, I am talking about the pack mules, the photographers, the cooks, the cleaners, the Christmas spirit bringers…the MOMS (and some dads…just not in my house) And with all the trimmings and the trappings and the gifting and the gabbing, comes teacher gifts.

You know, the people who give my children some knowledge and me the most glorious 6.25 hours a day alone, 180 days a year. With five kids, there are A LOT of teachers and I want to make sure each one feels appreciated…(and lets not forget the bus driver, school nurse and custodians at school—cause I feel their pain I tell you. )

So I have a little checklist I go through every year to pick the right gift:

  • Will the teacher use it?
  • Is it easy and quick to obtain?
  • Can I shop for all 129 teachers at the same place?
  • Which teacher has my fourth child? (‘cause that teacher gets a bottle of wine no matter WHAT)

All of these question lead me to the ever present and always appreciated GIFT CARD to my secret mistress, Target. The problem with gift cards is the presentation. They lack the pizazz of a gift wrapped box. So I decided this year I would make use of the piles of spare scrapbooking supplies that multiply like rabbits when I am not looking.



Using my “kerchunker” of the 3” circle, I cut four circles out of seasonally appropriate paper.

IMG_2142   IMG_2144

Folding each circle in half allows me to find my “square” and glue the corners as needed to allow for the folding of other half to create an envelope.


Finally I place my giftcard in and secure with cute embellishments that didn’t make the cut on the scrapbook page from 2012. (my inability to throw away good crafting materials could be the subject of a different blog all together. Maybe I should read ChellePop’s Cloffice post again)


I made four of these in about 20 minutes and felt good about reusing my supplies, which in turn left more money in the “WTH??? Christmas Break is TWO WEEKS??!?!” wine and cold, hard vodka budget.

Listening to: My four boys (three kids and husband) shout and scream at the TV cause the Seahawks are playing.

Drinking: My warm tears….cause my four boys are hooting and hollering watching football…which means the three other kids are fighting and all up in my business trying to “help.” (side note: only do stuff like this in rooms with a locking door)

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