December Birthday Fun!

Kids December birthdays are hard!

First, let’s hope I don’t forget it.  And second, it’s hard to make it special with all the hoopla going around for Christmas. Earlier this week, my first born son turned 9!!! How is that even possible!?!

In order to try and make it special, we created a couple family birthday traditions:

1. He always gets a special message from our elf on the shelf, Buddy. This year Buddy took full advantage of a banner to share his birthday sentiments and hung it right across the dining room so it was sure not to be missed!


2. Hourly scavenger hunt for a present!  I will typically have a few small presents and 1 big one.

How the scavenger works:
When ever I’m feeling liked it (or simply when I remember 😉 my husband will make this really annoying loud siren sound,  which cues the birthday boy to come to us. We either hand him a clue or tell him a clue for him to find his  present.


I have been doing this for a couple years and it’s his favorite thing on his birthday!


Check back in as I will be sharing more details about his birthday celebration and the party I am throwing for him and his friends. Two words for you: Slumber Party!

Listening: Did I mention the loud, obnoxious, siren sounding noise my husband creates hourly?!

Drinking: Coffee, Coffee and did I mention Coffee. It’s a very busy time of year for this Mom!

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