December Birthday Fun!

Kids December birthdays are hard! First, let's hope I don't forget it.  And second, it's hard to make it special with all the hoopla going around for Christmas. Earlier this week, my first born son turned 9!!! How is that even possible!?! In order to try and make it special, we created a couple family birthday traditions: 1. He always gets a special message from our elf on the shelf, Buddy. This year Buddy took full advantage of a banner to share his birthday sentiments and hung it right … [Read more...]

A Mixel Party Blast!

Six !?  I can’t believe my son is turning six already! While I am deeply flattered my boys enjoy my crafty homemade birthday parties I was a bit taken back by the request for a Mixels party. They aren’t exactly a hot party theme … yet? That being said, I knew I would need to make my own party décor. For those of you who don’t know, Mixels are cute, little collectible lego creatures that can be mixed and matched with each other. We picked the day a little more than two weeks out and had … [Read more...]

Secret Agent Birthday Party

As you may recall from my earlier post, my son celebrates a December birthday. This year, My son turned 8 and instead of one of my crafty theme parties, he wanted to have a laser tag party.  I was fine with this, but of course I couldn't just do simple party favors.... I had to have a theme!!! I decided laser tag was secret agent/spy like and after quite a bit of Pinterest surfing I found quite a few ideas I could make work! Secret Agent Kit Supplies: Envelopes ( I got mine at … [Read more...]