Post Holiday Blues

closeup of a notebook with the text holiday blues written in it on a rustic wooden table with some christmas ornaments, a cup of coffee and a globe

It is that time of year where I am torn between getting excited about the year ahead and fighting to get motivated through the gray winter of Chicago.   As I see the family calendar slowly filling up…even the summer months I can’t yet even identify with, I think I am stuck in what I can best describe as the post holiday blues.

December packs a one-two punch in our home with 4 birthdays and the Christmas Holidays. And just like that — it’s over.

I believe a big factor contributing to my “blues”  is that I am forced to recognize that I didn’t stay true the resolutions or goals I set last year. Combine that with the push to set new goals and it’s the perfect recipe that drives me to drink!

So in an effort to hold myself a bit more accountable I am going to share a bit more with you all, starting with reinstating goal #1 – Get more organized!

Getting my home more organized is a broad goal,which has different meanings to many people. For me, I want it to mean more than cleaning out the closets.  For me, I am going to focus on getting organized from the inside out, not only clearing the clutter, but building the right steps to make it less likely to get cluttered again.

Cleaning in my home often feels like a tetris game, moving some things to clear space to organize, new piles form and then sadly things simply get moved around again. This is how the cycle continues…

As I decorated for Christmas, I promised myself I would take the time to pack up Christmas in an organized approach. This would allow the long overdue purge of decorations that are past their expiration date and make decorating next year much easier. Sadly, in the mad dash to get everyone back into the normal work and school routines, I once again failed at that attempt. So, as I sit staring at what feels like a very bare house with a very guilty conscience, I can at least say the Christmas stuff is in the attic — right?  Maybe not in an organized fashion, but it is at least out of sight!

I am going to take one step at a time on this quest for total house organization and start by revisiting my Christmas chaos. My first goal for January will be to get my Christmas decorations repacked in a sensible, organized and streamlined fashion- purging what is no longer needed.  This also lays the groundwork for an easy second goal of organizing the attic storage.

I GOT THIS — Who’s with me!?

Drinking: Meiomi Pinot Noir — takes the sting out of admitting my failure.

Listening: The sounds of children squabbling as I have shut them out of my office long enough to type this blog post!


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