Another Pattern Review, and a lesson learned.

IMG_4964Time for another pattern review! So this time I tried sewing for me. It’s the Luna Top by Liola Patterns from Go To Patterns.

This is what it’s supposed to look like:

Luna Top Cover 500

Cute right? I mean, if you’re familiar with Y seams, this thing is a breeze, and very slimming with the darts and such….but if you should happen to disregard that old idea that you should prewash your fabric, then perhaps your garment will shrink, like a lot. Add to that the midwestern phenomenon that is “Winter Weight” and you’ll be a little bummed that all your hard work has given you a shirt that’s just this side of too snug, instead of the slimming perfect little tunic you were hoping for…sigh.


FullSizeRender_3It’s still a really great pattern tho. Because of the Y seams, and the darts and such, I would definitely consider this intermediate, but I will be trying to make it again….this time? I will prewash. I will.






Never fear….Large sweater and chunky scarf to the rescue!

FullSizeRenderSo I cut off my head to hide a.) my sewing error shame and b.) the fact that my hair was still wet, and my makeup wasn’t on yet, but my photographer had to get on the school bus in 5 minutes, so QUICK take the picture, Darling!


Drinking: Yup. and crying in my beer.

Listening to: All those people that tell you to prewash your fabric…now I am anyway.


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