Kids Say the Darndest Things

When I had my first child, it was easy to remember all of the adorable things she said and did. As first time parents, each was not only etched in my mind, but was chronicled in photo and baby book journaling.  However, the minute the second pregnancy was on board, all bets were off and “Mommy Brain” was in full effect.

We do not remember the days, we remember the  moments – unknown

I knew I wanted to try to remember these sweet moments, so I bought a journal for each of my kids and started writing. I dated and journaled in each of them about their “funnies,” which to me were words of childhood wisdom, funny observances said aloud, and the occasional side splitter that clearly was passed down from my side of the family 😉

I can’t help but share one of my favorites:

I was talking with my oldest son about having Jesus in your heart.  He responded that he had the Devil in his, and I suggested we pray about it.  After the prayer I asked him how it went.  He replied, “Nope, he’s still there!”

In reading through the book I am taken back to that moment and can’t help but laugh out loud all over again.  (And wonder if he was right after seeing all of his devilish ways! 🙂 )

Five kids later—a separate journal for each one has become an idea of the past. But in the hopes of still capturing these memories I found a solution.  I did find this option at Barnes and Noble, the book is titled “A Thought a Day : A Five Year Journal.”


There is enough space for a quick blurb about something that was collectively a memory “for the books” and can be used for the entire family. 

Now comes the hard part: remembering where the heck I put it when I want to write something down!

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