DIY- Love Inspired Decor

Blank space is more than a Taylor Swift song… it is something that inspires me to decorate!photo 1 (25)


For those of you who don’t know me very well yet, my DIY decorating usually also includes leveraging an upcycle idea or two. After staring at the blank wall for a few weeks now, I looked up and had enough. It was time to make use of a few picture frames I bought on clearance last fall and make my own artwork.

photo 2 (23)

Supplies I collected at home:

  • Empty Picture Frames
  • Wrapping paper
  • Patterned and plan cardstock paper
  • Adhesive



I had decided to go with a simple tribute to LOVE and envisioned 1 letter per frame. To start, I simply took apart the frames, as each store bought frame comes with backing and lovely candid photo. (No need to put those actors on display any longer!) I wrapped the cardboard backing with wrapping paper creating a common element across all 4 frames.  I cropped some coordinating patterned paper to set the stage for each individual letter.

I then used my Cricut cutting machine to make 5′ letters from white cardstock. After some careful chalking along the edges, I tacked these letters to the patterned paper, and glued the patterned paper to the wrapping paper…. and TA-DA!

photo 3 (21)photo 4 (15)
An Easy Peezy project completed in just about 30 minutes.


Listening to: 5th Harmony, “sledgehammer”

Drinking: Dunkin Donuts coffee to keep the momentum going on this long overdue project!

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