Elf on what shelf?

elvesIt’s 10 — Day 10 that is. Do you know where your elf is?

The creative Elf on the Shelf photos are filling my facebook and instagram feeds and sadly, I feel that I am already running out of steam.   So I must confess the other night I took the easy way out and repeated a hiding spot from previous years. Sure enough my shorties found the elf rather quickly but what happened next seems to have re-energized our entire crew, including me!

I listened as all three giggled recounting stories of the elf’s hijinks over the past couple years and why he might repeat some of what they believe to be carefully chosen hiding locations.

I know some find the whole Elf on the Shelf exercise a bit creepy and certainly most parents feel it is just another task on the daily growing to-do lists.  While I am not sure my kids are tricked into better behavior at this point, this is definitely one tradition that brings our three shorties together to have fun each morning.  Just another reason I hope they keep BELIEVING!

For those of you that might already have a non-believer, you might be able to enlist their help with this daily chore. We all know kids can come up with some pretty clever hiding places.

While I can’t claim to have come up with all these ideas, I can share some of our family favorites that might inspire you!

photo (4)

Please comment below and share your favorite Elf photo with us today!


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