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FinnPop grew up a daughter of crafters (her mother paid for their family’s first mini-van in cash from craft show money)  and always had her hands creating SOMETHING.  That was, until, motherhood snatched it away.  After a cumulative 50 months of pregnancy and ten years changing diapers she was sure all creativity had been drained from her soul.  Sure-she could imagine Barbie scenarios and hot wheels race tracks and of course could pretend her closet was really Fiji for the two minutes before someone would sniff her out–but nothing was happening to create anything but children.

Then FinnPop got her groove back.  Dipping her hands into scrapbooking in the hopes of a perfect baby book, the spark was reignited.  The Finn in FinnPop represents her Finnish lineage, the Finnish flush she sports when drinking and her real name, Satu. She can now be found scrapbooking, cricuting school posters and accessories for various things, drinking wine, running half marathons, drinking champagne, sewing, quilting, and sipping tropical drinks in her closet, still pretending it is Fiji.

Pop Facts:
  • Can change a diaper faster than you can tie your shoes.
  • Married her high school sweetheart at 19, and are still together.
  • Sometimes feels sorry for families with just two children when they are all “quiet” and “clean.” (HA — Riiiiight!)
  • REALLY loves to pass people running.
  • Favorite smell is chlorine from growing up in AZ with a pool and teaching swim lessons until age 26, with a close second being Baby Magic lotion–from almost the same amount of years birthing children.
  • Knows day drinking is the best drinking.
  • Believes the only thing better than country music on the edge of a lake is the kind of laughter that takes your breath away and creates giggles two years later.

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