Graphic Design, Home Decor, Painting, DIY, Upcycling, Cricut Crafts, Scrapbooking, and more!

“Yes, in my home cereal is a food group!”

Walk into KerPop’s home and her love of crafting is more than evident. From monthly mantel revisions, pinterest inspired home decor and clever upcycled thrift shop finds, she always finds a way to show her creativity.

KerPop, also known as Kerri, graduated from Kansas State University in Graphic Design and loved working in the field until her first son was born. She is now a mother to three boys and a dance teacher to dozens of little girls. She also enjoys watching any DIY or HGTV show she can find between Sesame Street and her husband’s love of sports. Crafting and shopping fill what daily spare time she manages to find.

Pop Facts

  • Believes that plies should be incorporated into everyday strolls and twirls into every jaunt across the kitchen
  • If there is a bit of free time to get crafty, then a shower will have to take a back seat
  • Theme birthday parties are too much fun!
  • Craft time always succeeds cleaning the house time
  • 50% of my attempts at new pinterest recipes end up an epic fail!When trying to juggle maintaining the house, the kids, the groceries, the schedules, and the arguments between the kids a common phrase for me to one of my sweet angels is….”You are not my favorite today.”

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