Crafter of most trades, sewing, quilting, embroidery, needle felting, baking, hippie remedies, Silhouette vinyl, glass etching.
“I could just make that ” see also ” I craft so I don’t stab people “

JessPop, also known as Jessica, is whiskey in a teacup. She is a lover of books, movies, the color red, chocolate, and life hacks. She’s quick to ignore housework, especially in favor of making things. Speaking of making things, she made two adorable humans, five year old Sweet G, and The Boy, who was born in July. Special thanks go out to her husband, Leo, for his help with that. She has a day job in a small non-profit, so nearly all crafting moments are stolen moments.

A newbie to the Silhouette, she calls her machine Cammy, and often gets into fights with it. She can, and will, fall down an Internet rabbit hole researching her hobbies, vacations, or any shiny “squirrel” that grabs her attention. The oldest of seven, and born to hippie type parents who left the city to raise their brood in the sticks, she’s a firm believer in self-sufficiency and loves to do homestead-y and Becky HomEc-y type things. She straight up adores Martha and credits Rachel Ray with teaching her how to cook. (Her mom taught her how to bake though)

Pop facts:
  • Used to do the daily NYT crossword in pen
  • Keeps 12 chickens ( Wyandottes) in Northern Minnesota
  • Unapologetically swears waaay too much
  • Favorite beer is New Glarus Brewing’s Spotted Cow, cocktail is a rocks Margarita, no salt
  • Was a nanny for almost 20 years, and took care of two separate sets of triplets
  • Total grammar nerd

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